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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  October 16, 2017 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> sandra: eight people were on board at the time. one person describing the blast as sonic boom. a live report coming up. a big meeting later today at the white house, president trump will be sitting down with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell to lay out their fall agenda. their first face-to-face meeting since trading barbs over the failed obamacare repeal vote in july. i'm sandra smith. >> good morning.
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i'm eric in for bill hemmer. there is plenty on their plate when it comes to see. >> sandra: a lot to get to. the president golfed over the weekend with rand paul and lindsey graham. he hasn't always seen eye-to-eye with them, as you know. after the outing senator paul says he is focused on getting tax reform done. >> i really think that we've got to do the most we can and the boldest we can. everybody wants to lower the corporate tax. some are worried do we do a 20%? my goodness. >> john roberts joins us now. there is nothing like hitting the links to get business done.
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>> more deals have probably been crafted on the golf course than in the boardrooms of america. the president will try to put one together in the private dining room today. focused like a laser beam on getting tax reform passed and he and the vice president will have lunch with mitch mcconnell today. it could be an interesting meeting. the senate majority leader and president have traded barbs over the number of weeks leading up to today. mitch mcconnell could not pull obamacare repeal and replace across the finish line. today will be all sweetness and light and cordial and business like. mcconnell's spokesman saying the leader will join the vice president and president where they'll discuss the fall agenda. completing the budget resolution, passing tax reform to help american families and workers and continuing to provide resources to communities affected by the recent hurricanes. a lot of talk in congress lately over whether mitch
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mcconnell can survive as majority leader. he couldn't pull together the votes to repeal and replace obamacare. steve bannon over the weekend has declared war on the republican leadership and urging republicans to abandon mcconnell. listen here. >> you can come to a microphone and say i am not going to vote for mitch mcconnell for majority leader. [applause] and you can come to a stick and you can say i'm going to do away with the filibuster so the president can implement his program. >> senator lindsey graham who golfed with the president saturday said it is pre-mature to talk about replacing mcconnell. he said if tax reform doesn't fly, katie bar the door. >> our problem is we promised to repeal and replace obamacare and failed. we promised to cut taxes and we have to do it.
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if we're successful mitch mcconnell is fine. if we're not, we're all in trouble. >> we're all in trouble. he voiced support for the president's decision to not re-certify the iran nuclear deal and asked congress for tougher measures against iran. on the weekend the president's national security advisor mcmaster, who had supported re-certifying the iran deal, was firmly with this new program. >> what the president has done is set out a marker to the iranians and our allies and partners. we have to fix fundamental flaws in this deal. it's a weak deal weakly monitored. the president has made clear he won't permit this deal to provide cover for what we know is a horrible regime to develop a nuclear weapon. >> the president taking aim at the senate minority leader saying schumer hated the iran deal but now that i'm involved, he is okay with that. tell that to israel, chuck.
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back on tax reform for a second here, eric, there is a disconnect in the republican party over when the deal might get done. paul ryan would like congress to stay through christmas break to get it done. mitch mcconnell said he wants to see it done this congress. january 2019. the president would like to get it done this year. i'm told by aides this morning the timeline isn't a big deal. it doesn't matter if it's the end of this year or the beginning of next year as long as it gets done. >> we'll see if it's the senate majority leader eating crow or how that lunch goes later on today. >> not sure that's on the menu. it might be. >> thanks. >> sandra: thanks. joining me now for more on this is byron york from "the washington examiner" and fox news contributor. what do you expect from this meeting today, byron? let's remind you of some of the words exchanged between the two this summer. the president said he was
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disappointed in mitch. mitch mcconnell said the president had excessive expectations. do you think they will spend time patching up their relationship? >> probably not. they'll probably go past that. the president has a tendency to treat them like they're employees not measuring up. this is crunch time. after having failed to pass an obamacare repeal and replace bill, if congress doesn't get a tax bill done in that lindsey graham interview that john played earlier graham was asked are you going to get the tax bill done? he said yeah, if we don't, we're dead. what that would mean is if they failed on taxes after having failed on obamacare, they would go to the voters next year with no legislative -- big legislative acome i shallment to point to and two big promises, obamacare and taxes,
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that they didn't keep. that's pretty disastrous. >> sandra: we know there are several conservative groups calling for mcconnell to step down for lack of things getting done. but lindsey graham saying mitch mcconnell is not our problem. the problem is we promised repeal and replace. that's not done. we failed there. we promised tax cuts and we have yet to do it. you just heard john roberts talk about the disconnect of the timing of getting tax reform done. paul ryan says if it doesn't get done by tend of the year we stay over christmas and mcconnell suggesting this congress? when does it get done? >> most of the strategist hoping to reelect republicans in 2018 get it done the sooner the better, december or january fine. people are campaigning after that. i don't think they want something that runs into the campaign season of 2018. but talk to strategists who are trying to reelect republicans next year and they'll say if we
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cut taxes, we'll be fine. but if we don't, it's like lindsey graham said, we're dead. >> sandra: let's talk healthcare reform. nancy pelosi had choice words about the president's move on scrapping the subsidies saying it was the week the president went rogue. >> the week of friday the 13th is the week that president trump went rogue. you have governors who are republicans and saying it is whole say chaos he is inflicting on the system. the president doesn't know or doesn't care. >> sandra: the president is tweeting about nancy pelosi and her colleagues this morning. the democrats only want to increase taxes and obstruct. that's all they are good at,
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byron. >> if we had had this conversation last week. all the stuff we were saying about taxes still true. now on top of that with his obamacare executive action the president has pushed -- put new pressure on congress to act. you have to remember that most republicans felt these cost saving reduction payments in obamacare were illegal and unconstitutional. congress had never appropriated the money but president obama spent it anyway. they wanted it stopped. but what they wanted to do was create a legitimate law in which congress actually passed something to deal with this issue. so i think what the president has done by just cutting them off using his executive authority is to say to congress, you've got to fix that. i think what we'll see, we'll see action alongside the tax action, we'll see a lot of work done in the next few weeks on fixing this subsidy problem with obamacare. >> sandra: a piece on the hill this morning say trump is gafmg with the recent obamacare moves.
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schumer saying republicans in the house and senate own the healthcare system in this country from top to bottom. thanks for joining us this morning. >> secretary of state rex tillerson is sending a blunt and strong warning to kim jong-un. >> he does want to be clear with kim jong-un, that he has military options on the table. >> the trump administration taking a very firm stance against that dictatorship. coming up, a former top white house official will give us his take on this continuing stand-off. >> sandra: colin kaepernick filing a grievance against the nfl saying the owners are colluding against him to keep him off the field. >> you have to go. >> man, take a look at that.
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a dramatic rescue in california caught on camera. we'll have the latest on the deadly wildfires that have been ravaging wine country. >> sandra: right now a news conference underway in louisiana on the oil rig explosion. we'll bring you the latest information on this as we get it. people would stare.
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with the north korean regime. part of the exercises include getting american civilians out of south korea in case of war and other emergencies. the u.s. and south korea are also taking part in a 10-day naval exercise. these joint military drills happen every year. this latest round comes during a dramatic stand-off between the u.s. and north korea. the communist regime is renewing threats to strike guam and promises to keep advancing its nuclear weapons program. >> eric: rex tillerson is not ruling out military action in north korea but is committed to finding a diplomatic solution to the crisis caused by kim jong-un. here is part of what the secretary said yesterday. >> he has made it clear to me to continue my diplomatic efforts, which we are. as i've told others, the diplomatic efforts will continue until the first bomb drops. >> eric: john sununu, former white house chief of staff to
6:16 am
president george h.w. bush. governor, is it good cop/bad cop? the president keeps open the possibility of military action as did his predecessors while the secretary of state dangles the diplomatic carrot for kim jong-un. >> it's firm cop, firm cop. that's exactly what george herbert walker bush did with jimmy baker. jimmy went over a few times to talk to the foreign minister. i think the last conversation was a day or so if i remember correctly, a day or so before hostilities opened up. this is not an unusual tactic. it is a good tactic and i think they're handling it pretty well. >> eric: what do you think will it take for kim jong-un to get the message? >> there are two targets to the message. one is the north koreans, kim jong-un. but the other is the chinese. they still have not done what they can do.
6:17 am
for some reason they have dragged their feet on this and so when secretary of state tillerson or the president sends out a message an north korea, they really have two recipients in mind. i don't -- you can't read the minds of either one of those. you can just keep doing the best you can and i think that's exactly what is happening right now, the best we can. >> eric: u.s. ambassador nikki haley referred to that saying north korea basically has been 25 years of botched agreements, she says. that's an example of what we should do with iran. >> what we've had with north korea is kick the can down the road foreign policy for the last eight years. started by mrs. clinton as secretary of state. president obama did not want to handle the tough thing. in fact, kick the can down the road was the policy of iran. that's what this deal with iran is in essence kick the can down the road and let the world
6:18 am
worry about it in 15 years when iran is allowed to have nuclear weapons. what we have now is an administration is saying these are hot issues, tough issues. we inherited them and we'll try to deal with them. >> eric: speaking of mrs. clinton over the weekend she is in london and criticized the president's efforts at de-certifying the iranian nuclear deal. >> why on earth would we want two nuclear challenges in iran and north korea at the same time? just because something hasn't worked exactly as you wanted, doesn't mean your first alternative should be threatening military action. it should be learning from what has and hasn't happened in the past and engaging in an intensive diplomatic effort. >> eric: her husband negotiated the 1994 oil for food deal which he said would make the world safer, make the korean peninsula safer and end the
6:19 am
potential threat of nuclear weapons by north korea. >> her comments are another call for kick the can down the road policies. neither she nor president obama understood the crisis they were creating for the future after they left office. >> eric: so you're saying that approach doesn't work. of course, if there is a military action, that could be catastrophic. governor, finally, what do you think should be done? how can this administration finally try to corral kim jong-un if it's possible? >> it's to get china to turn the screws on the exports and imports and let kim jong-un how to deal with a very unhappy population. >> eric: some of that is beginning to happen. not enough say critics. we'll see. governor john sununu in new hampshire this morning. thank you for joining us. >> sandra: she has been called everything from a traitor to a
6:20 am
man who served his country with distinction. today bow bergdahl gets his day in court. why he says he does not believe he will get a fair trial. >> eric: it's a fiery scene after the explosion in louisiana. just look at that. police say they're still searching for one person who is still missing after that rig explosion. moving. ...and help you feel more strength and energy in just two weeks! i'll take that. -yeeeeeah! ensure high protein. with 16 grams of protein and 4 grams of sugar. ensure. always be you.
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>> sandra: accused bowe bergdahl's army court hearing is underway at fort bragg of the he is expected to plead guilty to charges of desertion and misbehavior. he said the false narrative against him has made it
6:24 am
impossible for him to get a fair trial. >> go back to kangaroo courts and lynch mobs that got what they wanted. the people who are to the point of saying just shoot him, you can never convince those people. >> sandra: former president obama was highly criticized for negotiating his release in exchange for five taliban prisoners back in 2014. bergdahl was held prisoner by taliban forces. he could be facing a maximum sentence of life if prison for charges of misbehavior and up to five years for his charge of desertion. >> eric: an explosion lighting up the night sky in louisiana. it is an oil rig. the coast guard searching for a missing man aboard the rig when it exploded. authorities say at least seven others were injured in this and they'll start looking for answers as soon as possible. >> the fire investigators are here on the scene.
6:25 am
once the fire is out we'll go out and determine the cause of the fire. >> eric: casey stiegel live with the details. any indication what may have caused this explosion? >> we have a little better idea. officials believe there were some type of cleaning chemicals on the surface of that massive offshore rig that somehow ignited and caught fire. but now that the sun is up the investigators are back out on the scene this morning to get a better idea of what happened collecting evidence and looking for clues. the rig out in the lake north of new orleans. it is used for storing oil until it is ready to be transferred back to land so there was no active drilling on site. witnesses report the loud explosion just after 7:00 p.m. it took a few minutes to realize what on earth had happened.
6:26 am
>> we were just sitting in my house and the house shook. it sounded like a bomb dropping basically. the whole house lit up with an orange flash. we were running around the house trying to think if something blew up at the house and we realized then it was out here. >> officials on the ground having a press conference a few minutes ago updating us on the very latest. we're told there are no immediate environmental concerns that have been determined this morning. no sign of any oil sheen or anything like that on the water out there in the lake. they think it is pretty well contained. >> eric: that's at least good news. one worker still missing. do we know how many people were on board the rig? >> we know of at least eight that were working on the rig at the time of the explosion. one person is still missing. officials in that morning press conference calling it an active search and rescue operation.
6:27 am
the coast guard, multiple agencies on scene. rescue choppers and boats have been scanning the area trying to locate that missing person. seven others were seriously hurt and taken to area hospitals and police say that two remain in critical condition at this hour. they've also found a broken natural gas line out on the rig itself. they have now shut the gas off to that line and they say they have to just let the residual gas burn off until they can really get out on that rig, complete their full investigation, and so that it is safe for the people that are doing the investigating. they will have to let that fire burn itself out until they can really get busy out there and find out what exactly happened. >> eric: it's a sad reminder of how dangerous that work can be. casey stiegel. sandra. >> sandra: the los angeles dodgers in need of a hero last night in game two of the nlcs.
6:28 am
>> it's back and gone. a walk-off home run for justin turner. >> sandra: that's all you need to win it. that walk-off home run puts the dodgers up on the defending champions sadly for me to say, chicago cubs. leading two games to none. meanwhile over on the american league game three is tonight. yankees hosting the astros. houston leads this series up 2-0 on the bombers. and you know, eric, they needed some rest. they're taking the day off today. they are a little tired. >> eric: justin turner, former new york met but see what happens with the yankees. >> sandra: regardless, exciting finish to that game last night. >> eric: fire crews are battling those deadly wildfires in california. they're finally making progress but they say the job is certainly far from over. >> we have a long road ahead of
6:29 am
us but the day that we had hoped would come one week later we are here. >> eric: 40 people now have been reported to have been killed. dozens more still missing at this hour as people finally slowly start returning to their damaged and devastated homes. we're live from california wine country coming up with the latest. >> sandra: top members of the trump administration fanning out on the sunday shows over the weekend wanting to patch up the iran nuclear deal, not walk away from it. the israeli prime minister defends the president's position. >> iran has been like a tiger unleashed from its cage. it is devouring nations left and right not joining the community of nations. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember.
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6:33 am
the u.s. isn't to abandon the deal, just make it better. >> when the international community gives iran a pass for all of these things, the ballistic missile testing. , support of terrorism, you're looking at something too big to fail. >> this isn't about the iranian people, this is the regime in iran that ever since it came to power has been intent on killing and harming americans. >> it is a weak deal that is being weakly monitored. so the president has made clear he will not permit this deal to provide cover for what we know is a horrible regime to develop a nuclear weapon. >> sandra: gillian turner, former national security staffer as well as fox news contributor and frequent "outnumbered" guest. good to see you this morning. a busy weekend on the sunday shows. we saw the administration on a lot of fronts. particularly defending the president's move here.
6:34 am
overall they're saying they want to stay in the deal but want to renegotiate the flawed terms of the deal. is that fair? >> absolutely. tillerson, mcmaster and nikki haley all basically said the same thing which is that we, the administration, we don't like this deal but we're sticking with it. what we're going to try and do is add terms, add conditions to the deal through legislation, through the u.s. congress. we aren't throwing the deal away. we want to work with the parameters it sets and tillerson and mcmaster said by the way, we might actually create a whole new additional deal and work off that as well. >> sandra: secretary of state rex tillerson saying we will stay put but he wants the pact to reflect u.s. goals in the region. is that possible? what does that look like, gillian? >> i don't know what it looks like. but the key here i think for
6:35 am
secretary tillerson is his fatal flaw -- not his fatal flaw but the flaw he sees in the deal it doesn't address iran comprehensively. it takes the nuclear issue out of the broader context of everything else and isolates it. that was a very consciously made decision on the part of the obama administration. they said we won't try to address things that are problematic like their human rights atrocities, the fact they sponsor terrorism, the fact they engage in proxy wars around the middle east. we'll only focus on the nuclear issue and try to stymie that. tillerson, i agree with him on that. that was a mistake. we should never have sat down at the table if we weren't going to look at everything. if we set up a separate deal, a new deal to add on top of this one, we can maybe get to where we need to be. i don't know. >> sandra: benjamin netanyahu said big words on fox news channel calling this a very
6:36 am
brave decision. watch. >> iran is the foremost terrorist state of our time. it jails journalists, -- to have a rogue regime like that require an arsenal of nuclear weapons in 10 years time which is what the agreement now provides iran to do is a terrible folly. so i commend the president for taking an historic and bold decision to avert this danger. >> sandra: netanyahu calling this the right decision for the world, gillian. >> i think -- look, anything that the united states does that makes life harder for the iranians is going to be something that the israelis love. i don't know that i would go so far as to call it a bold or historic decision. really to me what president trump did with his decision on thursday was to stake out a middle ground. he is not de-certifying the deal but he is also not
6:37 am
re-certifying it. what he is actually doing is kicking it over to congress for them to deal with it. for them to make a decision about whether we stay in this deal or not. they now have 60 days to do this. i say it's a middle ground because really all he did was give a -- not all he did but what he did is give a fiery speech about how much he doesn't like the deal and then handed the decision off. so i don't know that you can necessarily call that bold or historic. >> sandra: he did and in fact we've already seen some response come from iranians. we have talked a lot about this. how is iran going to respond to these recent moves by this administration? the iranian foreign minister on face the nation over the weekend talked about the consequences of backing out of this deal. watch. >> nobody will trust any u.s. administration to engage in any
6:38 am
long-term negotiation because the length of any commitment, the duration of any commitment from now on with any u.s. administration will be for the term of that president. >> sandra: no one will trust the u.s. again in a long-term agreement he says if we back out of this deal. >> well, as much as i hate to agree with anything he says, he is right in this instance. if president trump had decided to de-certify the iran nuclear deal and pull out of it and get out of it entirely it would undermine the trust of our european allies. forget about iran. no one cares if iran trusts the united states or not. but our european allies like britain, france and germany would hold that against us because we really corralled them to get on board for this deal in the first place. if we backed out of it, it
6:39 am
would undermine the basis of everything. think about how it portends for a north korea deal or negligent. they won't be able to abide by any of the terms we set. >> sandra: we'll see what congress does the fix the flaws the president is asking for. gillian, thank you. >> eric: thanks, sandra. meanwhile firefighters battling the most deadly wildfires in california state history. they say they are finally making some progress. >> sonoma county sheriff's office. leave your homes. >> sir, you have to go. go, go, go, go, go! >> eric: the dramatic skeen in santa rosa as police were evacuating them as the fire threatens thousands. so far 40 people have been killed since the first round of fires record to life last week. the devastation and destruction
6:40 am
has been just overwhelming. some evacuees saying they could return home but take a look at what they find when they get there. claudia cowen live with us now. many people as we just saw there is no home left. they can't find much. >> that's exactly right. good morning to you, eric. that's certainly the case in the fountain grove section here. many of the trees here did survive but the flames consumed just about everything else. take a look over here. this house is still standing. the owner of that property won't have any neighbors for a very, very long time. as you mentioned, the number of those under evacuation ordered dropped from 100,000 to 75,000 folks in napa and other counties are being allowed to see their property and what, if anything, is salvageable. >> it will take us a couple years to rebuild but we'll do
6:41 am
it. >> these wildfires are the most deadly and most destructive in california history. the death toll now stands at 40. the victims ranging in age from 14 to 100. here in sonoma 22 people died, mostly elderly residents including married couples found embraced in each other's arms until the very end and we're hearing the death toll could rise. more than 100 people are still unaccounted for. as the smokey skies begin to clear in many places, the sheriffs deputies and so many law enforcement officers are promising to follow up on every single missing persons report using drones and infrared technology to find and identify the victims. >> eric: claudia, you mentioned the couples, one couple survived in the pool. the other couple, the wife did not. these stories are just totally heartbreaking and just overwhelming. but thankfully the crews are gaining some ground in this? >> there is still active fire and there are mandatory
6:42 am
evacuations that are still in effect. but favorable weather conditions are finally helping. more than 11,000 firefighters out here get the upper hand as we look at the fire map you can see the big atlas fire burning in napa, that was one of the first big fires reported, 51,000 acres, it is 65% contained. in sonoma county the tubbs fire is 60% contained. the nuns fire surrounded. the containment numbers will improve and there is a chance of rain later in the forecast this week. >> eric: rain, thankful they have it. claudia, thank you. >> sandra: stunning new developments on the infamous tarmac meeting between loretta lynch and bill clinton. a watchdog group getting access to key f.b.i. documents. judge andrew napolitano will be here to weigh in.
6:43 am
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>> eric: colin kaepernick has filed a grievance against the nfl claiming owners are -- principle and peaceful protest which the owners themselves made great theater imitating weeks ago should not be punished and athletes should not be denied employment based on partisan politics.
6:47 am
such a precedent threatens all patriotic americans and harkens back to our darkest days as a nation. katie pavlich and mary anne marsh. is there any evidence at all, katie, that kaepernick is being denied a job for the protest as opposed to his playing? >> good luck with the lawsuit. private corporations and businesses are allowed to hire and fire based on what they want to. in terms of your question about whether there is evidence i would say maybe there is. there are sponsors who decided they won't sponsor games locally and nationally as a result of kaepernick's behavior and as a result of the players broadly deciding to kneel. guess what? they're allowed to do that and say i don't want my name on this unpatriotic show of disrespect to the american flag and for the u.s. military. and so they can look at it that way, kaepernick can submit this grievance as he has said.
6:48 am
the bottom line in the end is that he is actually not that good at football. if he was, they would put up with it and the sponsors would stay. if you throw a fit and cost the nfl a ton of money you better make up for it on the field. being 30th out of 32 out of all the quarterbacks in the nfl won't cut it. >> a lot of bad behavior by nfl behaviors in the past. >> if he doesn't get signed now that aaron rodgers has gone down. is there a better backup quarterback unsigned out there right now? i don't think so. the nfl is willing to put up with people who have sexually abused women and beaten women and a lot of other things. yet they aren't willing to put up with the freedom of speech. that's the problem here. colin kaepernick has every right to kneel as a freedom of speech like we all have a right to voice our opinion about whether he should or not. that's freedom of speech under
6:49 am
the constitution. >> eric: let me add this. it's a workplace -- >> it's your right to complain about it. you can't complain when others are restricting your right to go on college campuses an speak. >> that's different. >> you have every right to go on college campuses and speak. kaepernick has a right to take a knee. tim tebow prayed all the time and nobody stopped him from doing it. that was his right. >> eric: the argument from the critics, katie, it's a workplace. if they want to go out and protest outside the stadium on their own time they're more than free to do that. >> kaepernick can protest on his own time. when he does it on the football field at the expense of the team, at the expense of the nfl when ratings are down by 30% and as a result of these protests the nfl is the most unpopular sport in the country.
6:50 am
they're siding with their viewers rather than kaepernick, who a, just doesn't have the numbers to be acting like this and also they are deciding they don't want someone like this on their team based on the values of their viewers. >> eric: the referee will blow the whistle here. do you think he should go back in the huddle? yes or no. >> if people think he is good enough at football they'll sign him. >> business and other considerations never trump your rights as an american. this is the first amendment, freedom of speech. nothing trumps that. millions of people have gone to war to defend it and they didn't do it to decide whether someone should kneel or not. put your hand on your heart, sing the anthem or not. it's not why we're the greatest democracy on earth. it's because of everybody's right to speak. >> sandra: a governor's race in virginia heating up. both candidates getting help from party heavy weights in a race that has implications for
6:51 am
the political future of the entire country. another day at the office. why do you put up with it? believe it or not you actually like what you do. even love it. and today, you can do things you never could before. you're working in millions of places at once with iot sensors. analyzing social data on the cloud to create new designs. and using blockchain to help prevent fraud. so get back to it and do the best work of your life.
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>> sandra: vice president mike pence speaking on the campaign trail in virginia as the race for governor heats up been the republican and democrat. vice president pence wasn't the only one. former vice president joe biden hit the trail over the weekend. as the outcome of the race could prove crucial to both parties. doug mcelway is live in washington >> is this race generating a lot of excitement in virginia? probably not. they hold the gubernatorial elections in the years after a presidential election. in this year when donald trump has consumed so much political oxygen interest is down considerably.
6:55 am
that said, people are closely watching the race between former rnc chair and the democratic governor because it may measure the effects of president trump's coattails. mr. trump may campaign for gillespie. vice president pence has already done so on saturday. >> ed gillespie is pro-jobs, pro-growth. pro-life, pro-second amendment. folks, you name it. ed gillespie is on the right side of every issue. the same can't be said of his opponent. >> former vice president biden campaigned for northiam. he emphasized state government needs to pick up the slack when the federal government under trump isn't doing so and touted the governor's credibility. >> the think that i've admired about ralph and you can feel it and taste it, is the
6:56 am
authenticity. >> the real clear politics average of polls has the democrat up over the republican by 6% outside the margin of error. it's no secret why pence campaigned in the southeastern portion of virginia. that's republican territory, coal country. his appearance came after president trump abandoned president obama's clean power plant. given the lack of interest in the race it's important republicans get their base out. it is in rural counties like washington and southwest virginia where the gop base is. the democratic base in the northern counties. the deciding may be the swing counties. election day set for tuesday, november 7th. sandra, back to you. >> eric: meanwhile a conservative watchdog group is claiming the f.b.i. has uncovered documents related to that infamous tarmac meeting between loretta lynch and bill clinton. so what, if anything, will the
6:57 am
documents reveal? judge and drew napolitano on that. >> sandra: president trump and mitch mcconnell sitting down to try to bury the hatchet. more on today's critical lunch meeting coming up. standard. lease the 2017 rx 350 for $399 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
6:58 am
6:59 am
i'm never gonna be able i'll take a sick day tomorrow.
7:00 am
on our daughter's birthday? moms don't take sick days... moms take nyquil severe. the nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, fever, best sleep with a cold, medicine. >> sandra: a big political powwow at the white house hours from now. set to meet with mitch mcconnell. the air thick with intrigue as they try to advance the republican stalled agenda. i'm sandra smith. >> eric: i'm eric shawn in for bill hemmer this morning. oh to be a fly on the wall for this one. it is their first face-to-face since the republican failure to repeal and replace obamacare this summer. back then you may remember both leaders taking some pretty hard shots at each other in a very contentious public feud. >> our new president hasn't
7:01 am
been in in this line of work and had excessive expectations. >> i'm very disappointed with mitch. >> let's see what will happen. mike emanuel on capitol hill. what's the status of the relationship going into lunch before they break bread together? >> both men are frustrated with one another at times but they absolutely positively need each other heading into the budget this week and tax reform push later this year. mitch mcconnell has stuck up for his senators who don't see eye-to-eye with the president. mcconnell called bob corker an important member of the team after corker brutally criticized mr. trump. mcconnell praysed maine senator susan collins for deciding to stay in the senate. she was thinking of running for governor and a no vote on repeal and replace. >> they don't want this hyper
7:02 am
partisanship. they want us to work together and they want us to get things done. >> this is budget week in the senate. critical for both men to find a way to be on the same page. >> eric: meanwhile, what are the democrats saying about the republican tense times on their side? >> democrats enjoyed seeing the gop struggle in terms of delivering major legislation but they're frustrated about the president taking executive action last week against obamacare. >> the president says repeal and replace. where is the replace? we haven't seen anything. i don't think -- i think that this week, the week of friday the 13th, is the week that president trump went rogue. he went rogue on women's health in particular. affordable care act. >> other items on the agenda according to team mcconnell getting nominees and providing resources for disaster victims.
7:03 am
>> eric: we'll get a read-out of what they eat and maybe the senate majority leaders will have to get to his tums after that meeting. >> sandra: let's bring in michael warren, a senior writer for "the weekly standard". most of all we want to know will they play nice? >> it's in their interest both to play nice. this is a big week particularly for senator mcconnell. this is a senate majority leader who has struggled to pass anything. you could put part of the blame on president as well. he needs a big win on tax reform, on this budget. it is certainly in his interest to play ball. i should note that this is their first one-on-one meeting, but i'm told the president and the majority leader speak on the phone regularly. so this is not as if it's the first time they've spoken since that tense meeting. if the president and majority leader can stay off politics
7:04 am
temporarily. particularly the primaries that will be coming up where a lot of the president's friends are running against incumbent or mcconnell-preferred candidates for ten sat. if they could stick to policy for now it will be a productive meeting. >> sandra: the pressure on mitch mcconnell. lindsey graham saying mitch mcconnell is not our problem. but that we're not following through on our promises. some conservative groups are asking for him to step down. what is his fate? >> a lot depends on how much he and the senate can deliver. it's not a great hand that he has been dealt. he has a very small margin of republicans in the senate. they basically can't lose three republicans on any big legislation. a lot of the bigger stuff, the sort of sweeping things that maybe the president would like to pass need 60 votes. the republicans simply don't have the numbers there. and then you add up i think the sort of internal divisions
7:05 am
within the party conference. this is a group of republican senators who don't necessarily agree. maybe they agree on the big principles but they don't necessarily agree on the pathway to do that and why you have people like susan collins on one hand and rand paul on the other who you aren't able to get on board on some big policy issues and that's the struggle for them. >> sandra: meanwhile some top democrats see it as an opportunity apparently to pat themselves on the back. listen to what nancy pelosi had to say about herself. >> i'm sure the fight for our better deal, better jobs, better pay, better future for the american people. i think i'm a great legislator. self-promotion is a terrible thing but somebody has to do it. >> she has been a good leader for her party. a lot easier to do it when you're in the minority and the responsibility of governing is not on you. this is something republicans like to do.
7:06 am
talk about before they had the majority in the house and later in the senate. so again a lot easier when you don't have that responsibility. but there are some rumblings within her party, particularly on the far left that she is not delivering enough and they want some new blood. this is a conversation that seems to happen every couple of years and yet nancy pelosi sticks around. i think that's a credit to her political abilities within her conference. >> sandra: while the white house continues to sell its tax plan in particular that cut to the corporate tax rate, you heard a lot last week, michael, the president touting the average american household would save $4,000 a year under his plan. well, the white house is rolling out this paper arguing that cut in the corporate tax rate would very conservatively increase the average household income by $4,000 a year and goes into detail as to exactly how they came to those numbers, calling them conservative even.
7:07 am
>> yeah. a bunch of us, including me were asking the white house when they rolled this out last week where did this $4,000 come from and they said wait for the study from the council of economic advisors. this is a one assessment of the plan. the problem with assessing tax plans, particularly tax plans like this that are designed to be pro-growth, you don't have a good sense of how much economic growth will absolutely come from this. so what studies like these depend on is assuming economic growth. the past has shown does happen when you do cut taxes, particularly a high corporate tax rate like the united states. it is all part of a big tax package and a lot of it is sort of guesswork. >> sandra: they cleared up it is $4,000 a year the average american household. there was a lot of questions about that and they said exactly how it would happen, rising wages and by doing so it would make it less expensive for companies to invest in
7:08 am
capital assets such as machines and they go into full detail. the economic council at the white house. michael warren, thank you for joining us this morning. >> thanks. >> eric: good news. well, meanwhile overseas the u.s. and south korea launching joint military drills one day after secretary of state rex tillerson said the trump administration will continue to pursue diplomacy with pyongyang until the first bomb drops. a sharp reminder to kim jong-un the military option is always on the table. the display now john going comes after north korea's repeated threets to fire missiles toward the american territory of guam. greg palkot in london with more. what's the latest on the drills? >> another round of saber rattling coming from the u.s. side of the north korea crisis. the u.s. navy involved in exercises all this week in the waters off the east and west of
7:09 am
the korean peninsula including the u.s.s. michigan nuclear-powered submarine which can be equipped, we're told, with as many as 154 tomahawk cruise missiles and reportedly could have on board a special force team that could take out the north korea leadership if need be. all told we're talking about 40 ships involved featuring the aircraft carrier u.s.s. ronald reagan as well as destroyers, fighter jets, other aircraft running maneuvers with the south korea military. the north korean regime has called the exercises a rehearsal for invasion. >> eric: that's a blunt message to us and them. they remain defiant. how has north korea responded with more anti-u.s. rhetoric this weekend? >> absolutely. over the weekend the propaganda machine of the north korean regime working overtime. state news agency of the government of kim jong-un branding president trump a war
7:10 am
merchant. a strangler of peace claiming that by selling or giving weapons to south korea and japan he is creating a hair trigger situation on the korean peninsula. the pyongyang government responsible for multiple missile launches and nuclear tests. they went so far as dropping anti-president trump leaflets from balloons sent over from north korea. some of the propaganda even landing around the capital of seoul. that's one reminder, eric, of how close everything is on that korean peninsula. a place where president trump will be coming to in the coming weeks. back to you. >> eric: 30 or so miles from the dmz. greg palkot in london, thank you. >> sandra: terror in somalia as the single deadliest attack ever kills hundreds in the capital city. who authorities are blaming for the horrific carnage. >> eric: did you hear what a top republican senator said? a big warning for his colleagues. pass tax reform or else. he said the party will be,
7:11 am
quote, dead on election time. karl rove will be here on whether or not that potential prediction would ever come true. >> sandra: we'll look forward to that. sergeant bowe bergdahl is expected to plead guilty at a military hearing. >> it is very insulting that the idea that they -- if you have medicare parts a and b and want more coverage, guess what? you could apply for a medicare supplement insurance plan whenever you want. no enrollment window. no waiting to apply. that means now may be a great time to shop for an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company.
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>> eric: devastating double bombings in somalia's capital. more than 300 people were killed after powerful truck and car bombs exploded on saturday. hundreds more were injured. the explosions are being called the most deadly single attack ever in somalia. all shab ab terrorists group has been fighting the somali government there for years. >> we promised to repeal and replaced obamacare and failed. we promised to cut taxes and we have yet to do it. if we're successful mitch mcconnell is fine. if not we're all in trouble. we lose our majority and i think president trump will not get reelected. >> sandra: senator lindsey graham putting president trump and capitol hill colleagues on notice warning them to pass the gop agenda or prepare to take a beating at the ballot box.
7:16 am
karl rove former white house deputy chief of staff to george w. bush and fox news contributor. good to see you. what do you think of that warning? >> well, look, i think it's right on target. i've written about this in my "wall street journal" column in the past couple of weeks. tax reform effort is a question for republicans in the senate. house will be able to pass it. the question is will the senate republicans be able to get their act together? if they do, then they may have forward progress on healthcare. if they don't republican enthusiasm will dwindle dramatically because republicans will say what are you doing with this majority we gave you? a thin majority. let's be clear. 52-48 is not a big majority. all you can lose is two republicans. if you lose three you're dead. >> sandra: let's talk about that meeting then today. you set it up quite nicely. mitch mcconnell and the president meeting over lunch at the white house. tax reform, healthcare on the table. can they achieve something? can they get together and hash
7:17 am
out all their past problems and somehow move forward? >> look, i'm confident that they both understand the stakes. mitch mcconnell surely does. he knows if he doesn't get tax reform, tax cuts done, then the republicans are unlikely to hold the majority in the president. if he thinks the last 10 months are uncomfortable, try covering with democrats in -- they will make his life a living hell. i think it's in both men's interest to find a way forward and i'm confident they will. they are surrounded by able people in the senate and white house. the president i think understands the political stakes. mcconnell understands. when you get to sort of this kind of a point when it's a life or death -- political life or death, people tend to find a way to move forward. >> sandra: a lot at stake here and timing is going to be
7:18 am
everything. we're talking about the if here, karl. if it gets done. when does it get done? we sat down with senator ted cruz on this program on friday who said if it doesn't get done by tend of the year it will get done in the beginning of the year. paul ryan saying we'll stick around if it's not done by the end of the year and we'll work every christmas. timing is everything with this? >> i think these revenue bills have to -- tax cuts have to originate in the house in the house ways and means committee. it is likely the house does finish its work by the end of the year. it may be the senate begins consideration mark-up of a bill but i think senator cruz was right. i think it's more likely we see the house move this year in november or december and the senate works in january and the question is how big are the differences between the two versions? the house will have one version, the senate will have another. go to a conference committee.
7:19 am
how contentious is it and how fast do they move through it? everybody recognizes they have to get it done. >> sandra: the president has been tweeting this morning. he has been very busy tweeting. one of those tweets i want to run this by you. i was recently asked if crooked hillary clinton will run in 2020. my answer was i hope so. your thoughts? >> well, look, she -- if she runs he ought to sit down and pray and give thanks unto god for her being a candidate. i think it's unlikely the democrats will nominate her after her dreadful, terrible, unbelievably poor campaign in 2016. there is no enthusiasm that i meet among democrats. a lot regret having nominated her. she may think she can be a candidate. i find it unlikely and hard to believe that if she did become a candidate she could win the nomination. >> sandra: she has put herself
7:20 am
out there on her book tour. thank you for joining us. >> eric: sandra, speaking of the campaign the f.b.i., have you heard about this? they claim they have found new documents about the controversial airport meeting between bill clinton and then attorney general loretta lynch last year. the agency said at first the records didn't exist. what's up with this? judge andrew napolitano. >> sandra: firefighters making progress on the worst fires in california history as residents return home to heartbreaking scenes. >> i realize you don't put your boots and gloves on and sift through stuff. there is nothing to sift through. when did you see the sign?
7:21 am
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yeah! now business is rolling in. did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's up to 16 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to faster downloads with internet speeds up to 250 megabits per second. get fast internet and add phone and tv now for only $34.90 more per month. call today. comcast business. built for business. >> sandra: this is a fox news
7:24 am
alert. fire crews in northern california are gaining the upper hand as winds die down. some evacuees are going back home at 75,000 remain under evacuation orders still. the battle is far from over. at least 40 people have died and many more are still missing with nearly 11,000 firefighters on the ground. >> fox news alert on the newly uncovered documents from the f.b.i. conservative watchdog group judicial watch says they're related to the controversial phoenix airport tarmac meeting between former president bill clinton and attorney general loretta lynch. it happened just before a decision came down whether or not there would be indictments in the hillary clinton email case. judicial watch all 30 pages will be sent to them by the end of november in response to their freedom of information act lawsuit. guess what? they say the f.b.i. first told them they didn't have them.
7:25 am
judge andrew napolitano, senior fox news judicial analyst is with us. judge, what is it with the f.b.i.? so many times in cases that we cover they don't know if they have something. lawyers try to get something. they say we don't have anything and poof they get something. >> it is not just the f.b.i. it is almost all of the federal government. and the trump state department has done the same thing with freedom of information act requests. there is an institutional response, we don't have it, we don't have it. we can't find it. and then the person making the request files a lawsuit and federal judge says look for it and they find it. in this case we don't know what was found. we only know the f.b.i., through lawyers in the justice department toward lawyers for judicial watch, a think-tank that sues the government for transparency, that they found 30 or so documents relating to this event.
7:26 am
>> eric: we don't know what they are. >> correct. we don't know what they show or who instigated the meeting or the purpose of the meeting was. it may reinforce what bill clinton and loretta lynch said they talked about. their grandchildren, doing air quotes. or if they really did talk about whether or not the doj was going to seek mrs. clinton's indictment. >> eric: it went on for 40 minutes or so. hillary clinton said there was nothing inappropriate was said in any way. both of them, meaning her husband and loretta lynch, came to regret exchanging pleasantries that day. >> this is also the stated purpose for jim comey's going rogue. that is, taking the ball away from his superiors in the justice department and deciding on his own whether or not -- i say stated purpose. we don't know the real purpose. deciding on his own whether or not to present evidence to a
7:27 am
grand jury seeking clinton's indictment. there is more than enough evidence to sought her indictment. but between the tarmac meeting and the decision by jim comey she wasn't indicted. she could still be indicted. the statute of limitations is five years -- seven years. it's plenty of time. >> eric: judicial watch says the f.b.i. in their view is quote, out of control. here is their statement. the f.b.i. is out of control, stunning, the f.b.i. found these records only after we caught the agency hiding them in another lawsuit. we'll continue to press for answers about the f.b.i. document gains in court. in the meantime the f.b.i. should stop the stone wall and release these new records immediately. there is significant controversy about whether the f.b.i. and obama justice department investigation gave clinton and other witnesses a
7:28 am
potential targets pref rention treatments. >> the culture in washington, let's protect our predecessors in the hope that our successors will protect us. that's not their job. their job is to find and reveal documents that are sought unless there is some legitimate privilege claimed in which case the judge decides they stay secret. >> eric: could we get an indication by the nature of these documents whether or not they're sensitive and the f.b.i. was trying to hide something or if they're regular -- >> the f.b.i. revealed the existence of 30 of them. if they turn over 25 they have to say what they did with the other five. why they didn't turn them over and a judge gets to review them. >> eric: all right. i imagine with the judge reviewing them it will give neutral observer -- >> it's a neutral person deciding whether or not there is a reason in the statute, in the law, for not turning them over. again it will depend on what
7:29 am
judge it is. >> eric: this judge will be reading them. judge napolitano, thank you so much. sandra. >> sandra: new developments coming in on disgraced movie producer harvey weinstein. what his company is trying to do as sexual assault investigations into his actions spread overseas. >> he wasn't forgotten by his country. the united states of america does not never leave our men and women in uniform behind. >> eric: former president obama in the rose garden three years ago giving a shout-out at bowe bergdahl's parents were standing with them on their son's release from taliban captivity. fast forward to today with the army sergeant saying he is pleading guilty in the desertion case. coming up we'll discuss that case, the potential harm it could cause to the united states of america. and you spit in it, which is something southern girls are taught you're not supposed to do. you seal it and send it back
7:30 am
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at optum, we're partnering across the health system the strikingly designed impolexus nx turbore. and hybrid. lease the 2017 nx turbo for $299 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. >> sandra: this is a fox news alert. associated press reporting that
7:33 am
army sergeant bowe bergdahl is pleading guilty to charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. three years after president obama announced his release from the taliban in a rose garden ceremony. let's take a look at the timeline of events here. his platoon arrived in afghanistan in march of 2009. three months later he was captured by militants after leaving his base. in may of 2014 he was freed in a controversial exchange for five taliban terrorists held at the facility in guantanamo bay. less than a year later prosecutors charged him with desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. in an earlier interview bergdahl described his ordeal. >> there was a cage welded together. five year. >> sandra: tony shaffer is with
7:34 am
us. what does this day mean to you? >> vinddation not only for me but the men and women saw him walk away and those who put their lives on the line in some cases losing their lives, six americans, three british members of the coalition died looking for him. and most importantly, those individuals who are now maimed from that search will probably testify today in the hearing talking about the damage done to their lives by the bergdahl situation. so this has been no small issue, as you know. fox has been covering this, they went on a limb a couple years ago when i first forecast he would be charged and rightfully so. i feel everybody is finally getting some level of justice. i'm looking forward to seeing what happens in the sentencing. that will be the next big issue. >> sandra: it's not clear if he has a deal with prosecutors to limit the punishment. that is not clear.
7:35 am
there is still a lot not known and pleading guilty in hopes of leniency from the judge who the jeffrey nance. >> there are some in the army. i talked to senior-level friends and there is a split on this. some generals think bergdahl says i served a lot of time locked up. his choice. he walked away. the other factor that needs to be looked at the trade of the five taliban four star generals can't be ignored. >> sandra: you look at the potential harm, the actual harm that was caused and the potential harm that was caused and you look at what he is going to have to pay back for this. the misdemeanor charge is life in prison. the desertion charge is punishment for up to five years. this is a big day as i can imagine for so many. >> that's absolutely correct. this is where i think everybody has to take a deep breath. examine what happened and let
7:36 am
me say this. i don't want to be controversial. i think president trump ought to rethink the deal made with the taliban on his release. look, we all received back damaged goods. the deal for bergdahl looks worse with him pleading guilty. the five taliban are still in qatar as far as we know. they need to be returned to gitmo. it was a bad deal. the taliban has never stopped fighting us. president trump called in question the iran deal. this is another deal we should question. most importantly for this day i think we all are owed some answers from the army about how they will proceed with bergdahl and his punishment. >> sandra: laura ingraham weighed in on all of this on "fox & friends" this morning. >> isn't that a shock coming from a deserter who put his fellow soldiers in jeopardy and focused on his own convenience and his own feelings, not his duty to honor and defend the united states. his duty to the u.s. military,
7:37 am
to our constitution. bowe bergdahl is playing the blame game. >> sandra: no shock there. >> he is playing -- i saw the full interview. you ran a clip of part of it. he won't clarify why he walked away and why he put men and women in danger looking for him and most importantly here he broke his own oath. this is something -- not a small issue. you can't have people walking away from their posts in combat. i have yet to understand any of the defenses postulated of why he did it. it was selfish and about him. a narcissist particular move by bergdahl and he needs to be called to account. >> sandra: you believe he should have never been in the army in the first place. >> the coast guard turned down his enlistment before he joined the army. the army was going through a desperate time and they had a hard time bringing people in.
7:38 am
he was given waivers to get in. the army does hold some responsibility for allowing someone who was not qualified to wear the uniform. with that said, he did things that no soldier should ever be allowed to do and as president trump pointed out in other circumstance in previous wars his actions would have probably constituted the death penalty. >> sandra: three americans and three coalition forces killed. >> eric: there is this morning more fallout for disgraced movie producer harvey weinstein. the sickening accusations against him continue. more than 30 women now have publicly accused him of sexual misconduct including rape. the weinstein company is now in negotiations for a possible sale. jonathan hunt is in los angeles with more on what we can expect. hi, jonathan. >> british police are now
7:39 am
confirming they are investigating three new allegations of sexual assault against harvey weinstein. the victim as is the custom in britain hasn't been named by police but british actress anthony has said she reported to police just last week that weinstein raped her in her london home in the late 1980s. separately, audio has now surfaced from a weinstein interview with howard stern in which he laughingly denies using his position of power to harass or assault women. >> i wish the movies are too expenseives, the risks are too great. >> you can't walk into your room and pull your pants off and say okay honey. >> a great director told us about his day in the movies. we were born way too late.
7:40 am
>> tomorrow the weinstein company board is due to meet with harvey weinstein's attorneys to discuss how he has fired. harvey weinstein maintains it was an illegal firing and tmz has reported he had a clause in his contract that actually allowed him to sexually harass women provided he paid any settlements this isth as the weinstein company is in negotiation to be sold to a private equity firm. and hollywood is finally turning its back on harvey weinstein in the wake of the flood of sexual assault allegations. the producers guild meets today here in l.a. to decide whether to kick him out while the academy of motion picture arts and sciences threw him out over the weekend.
7:41 am
harvey weinstein remains in arizona where he has promised to seek help for what he considers sexual addiction. eric. >> eric: other people say and consider complete sexual assault allegedly. jonathan hunt. in that contract, beyond offensive if true. >> sandra: a key decision in senator menendez corruption trial and why the judge could drop some charges. >> eric: kaepernick files a grievance against the nfl claiming owners are colluding against him to keep him off the field. is that true? jim gray will be here to discuss. >> before watching a football game you want to see those players be proud of their country, respect our country, respect our flag, and respect our national anthem.
7:42 am
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>> sandra: a major decision expected in the trial of new jersey senator bob menendez. the judge could rule today on whether to dismiss part of the indictment against menendez. the defense says the supreme court decision last year invalidated much of the corruption case against menendez. he is charged with taking bribes from a wealthy friend over several years in exchange for using his influence in the government on that friend's behalf. prosecutors say a dismissal could legalize pay to play. >> eric: a former 49ers quarterback kaepernick is filing a grievance against the nfl. he claims owners conspired to keep him out of the league. of course, as retaliation for his political activism by sparking the national anthem protests. he says president trump is partly to blame for all this. the president discussed the situation last week with our sean hannity. >> president trump: i watched colin kaepernick and i thought it was terrible. and then it got bigger and bigger and started mush rooming.
7:46 am
frankly, the nfl should have suspended him for one game and he would never have done it again. they could have then suspended him for two games and could have suspended him if he did it a third time for the season and you would never have had a problem. >> eric: jim gray is a fox news contributor but joining us in new york. welcome. you have the nfl team owner meeting this week. tomorrow. they will be discussing that. is the president right if they had suspended him do you think kaepernick would have stopped this? >> the whole issue is bigger than a suspension for a game. i don't think it would have stopped it. >> eric: in terms of his not being on the field does his case have merit there is collusion? >> i don't believe there is collusion. i don't think the broncos are calling other teams and so on and so forth down the line. i believe the owners, if they felt this guy could win a bunch of games he would be on the field. should he have a job in the national football league? is he as good as any of the
7:47 am
other 89 quarterbacks in the national football league? absolutely. he deserves a job but not a starting quarterback. i think this is to a certain degree a large degree a football issue. so if it's a football issue they don't want him. if he will be a backup you'll take on everything that goes with this. the fan base in a lot of instances will be very unhappy. >> eric: you would think the owners would potentially take into account some public reaction to this. look what they put on the field. felons and all sorts of other things. >> domestic violence, steroids. we have a lot of guys who have done a lot, dui in the national football league. the owners believe those guys can win and they help the team and they want to give them second chances. i believe the colin kaepernick should have a job but i also believe that the nfl owners are not colluding and the coaches are not saying you know what, let's keep him off the field because of the distraction it might cause with our fan base. i don't think that's the case. in certain instances i don't think they will take him on as
7:48 am
a backup or a third string quarterback because they don't want backlash from the fans. >> eric: opted out of his contract. some think he would have been cut by the 49ers. >> that would have been a football condition. 20 kneeling. eric reid, a lot of these guys are in the corner of kaepernick. the 49ers made a football decision and would have made a football decision if they would have cut him and kaepernick thought he could go someplace else, play someplace else and do better but it hasn't worked out that way. >> eric: the other players are still playing. "washington post", how hard it is to prove the case. the collective bargaining agreement prohibits teams from conspiring to make decisions about signing a player. the cba says the mere fact a player is unsigned and evidence about the players qualifications to be on an nfl
7:49 am
roster do not constitute proof of collusion. for that reason such cases are difficult to prove. so it seems like he may need -- >> he needs a hail mary. i don't think they can prove it. it is trying to force the nfl owners, specifically one to sign him and give him an opportunity and the case would be probably dismissed because he would have a job. i think this will make it much more difficult as well. >> eric: you think we'll ever see him in the huddle again? >> ever is a possibility. it's a long time. good to see you. >> eric: sandra. >> sandra: tensions increasing between the iraqi government and the kurds. iraqi troops moving into a city and seizing oil fields. the implications behind this story. i don't want to sound paranoid, but d'ya think
7:50 am
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>> ahead on "happening now." president trump tweeting up a storm. john roberts live with what's on the president's mind. action on the budget, tax reform and maybe healthcare as republicans continue to debate the way forward. also the latest on the president's targeting of the iran nuke deal. what it means in the months ahead and a closer look at the horrific fires still raging in northern california coming up on "happening now."
7:54 am
>> sandra: iraqi forces retaking part of a disputed city from kurdish fighters after launching a major attack overnight. the oil rich region held a referendum called illegal by the iraqi government. we're live from our middle east bureau. >> the pentagon is down playing this and calling it a misunderstanding between two u.s. allies. the iraqis and the kurds. the situation in kirkuk is foreshadowing a messy crisis for the united states in iraq. america's coalition to defeat isis includes several groups that have different opinions for the region. iraq's government is against kurdish independence. the kurds took control of large parts of kirkuk after pushing out isis and fearing the kurds might try to seize it for an independent state the central
7:55 am
government ordered the iraqi military to retake it and they pushed into kir cut in the last 24 hours. reports of heavy fighting between the two sides and casualties with both sides pointing the finger at the other for escalating the situation. now, the pentagon is trying to diffuse the situation trying to talk to both sides, sandra. but kurdish independence isn't going away and opposed by u.s. ally turkey who is a member of nato. this is a really tricky situation. the united states wants to keep iraq together so it can prevent any groups like isis from ever coming back but the kurds have been the most effective ally on the grounds against isis and the kurds look to the u.s. as an important partner. the u.s. has two partners on the ground that both want something the u.s. isn't willing to give right now. >> sandra: thank you. >> eric: meanwhile the senate back here at home back in session this afternoon. they have a long to do list.
7:56 am
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what maheart-healthyle salad the california walnuts.ver? the best simple pasta ever? california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts.
7:59 am
so simple, so good. get the recipes at >> sandra: we are just a little over an hour away now from this very important lunch meeting that will be taking place in the 12:00 hour between mitch mcconnell and president trump. it will be sitting down at the white house, eric, and this is after some choice words were exchanged by the two over the summer with the passage of the health reform fail. the president said he was disappointed in mitch mcconnell. mitch mcconnell saying that his expectations are too high. a big meeting. >> eric: can you imagine being at the lunch? the president is a businessman who has sat down with opponents in the past to get things done. he had golf with lindsey graham and rand paul who voted "no"
8:00 am
twice. >> sandra: i would expect that tax reform will be front and center. >> eric: the text briefing after the lunch. thank you for having me. >> sandra: "happening now" starts right now. >> jon: and we start with a whole lot of action at the white house with attention turning to tax reform. good morning to you on this monday, i am jon scott. >> melissa: good morning to you. i'm melissa francis. we are alive at the white house, minutes from now the president holds a cabinet meeting before he and the vice president sit down for lunch with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. the president is looking to patch up his somewhat rocky relationship with mitch mcconnell so that they can work together on key elements of the g.o.p. agenda. >> i hope they talk about tax reform. that is the single most important thing that we need to have done for the american people, and that is where we are. we are on the cusp of discusng


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